If your are calling about a life threatening emergency hang up and dial 9-1-1 immediately! 

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Questions, concerns, interested in joining? Email us at or call
(434) 973-7733

Stony Point Volunteer Fire Company
3827 Stony Point Rd
Charlottesville VA,


Chief 60: (Stony Point Chief) Greg Frazier ~

Assistant Chief:  Andrew Laprade ~

Training Officer: Gaelen Rickard:

Medical Officer:  Andrew Laprade ~

Building and Grounds: Tom Lance ~



Apparatus Maintenance ~

Membership ~

Parade and Events Committee ~

Crew 1 ~ Lt. Bryan Hoerman:
Crew 2 ~ Capt. Barrett Holley:
Crew 3 ~Capt. Gaelen Rickard:

Crew 4 ~ Assistant Chief Andrew LaPrade: alaprade@spvfc.orgn Contact